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Strengthening construction businesses throughout New Mexico
Founded in 1981, Bingham, Hurst & Apodaca, P.C. understands the construction business. We can help you build solutions to the problems affecting your commercial, industrial or public development projects.

Assertively negotiating construction contracts
By retaining an experienced mediator to negotiate your construction contracts, you will prevent unnecessary stress, save time and money and feel confident you have negotiated the most beneficial deal. We draft contracts for a wide variety of clients, including contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.

Aggressive resolution to construction disputes
A breached contract can cause havoc on your worksite. When it is in your best interest to solve a construction dispute outside the courtroom, our skilled attorneys can guide negotiations toward win-win solutions, often preserving business relationships and avoiding expenses and uncertainty associated with litigation. If litigation is necessary, our attorneys zealously attack the issues in trial.  We advocate for our clients’ interests in court, arbitration and administrative agency hearings and are dedicated to providing clients with the best possible results. We can help you avoid and resolve construction disputes in the following areas:

  • Architectural and engineering errors
  • Contract disputes
  • Collections and payment disputes
  • Insurance coverage
  • Material suppliers’ rights
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Miller Act claims

Architectural and engineering conflicts
Errors and omissions in site plans can severely affect the progress of your project. By applying our extensive construction experience, our attorneys approach these problems from a unique perspective. We speak the contractors’ language and view claims from both legal and technical angles.  We assertively protect the interests of contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.

Insurance coverage
Insurance companies can cause serious problems during the construction process. If an insurance company has denied or disclaimed your coverage, our attorneys can help you get the protection you need to move forward.

Material suppliers’ rights
Suppliers have many of the same rights as contractors and deserve the relief that they are entitled to. We help suppliers receive the compensation they deserve.

Mechanic’s liens
Our attorneys help contractors and material suppliers file and enforce mechanic’s liens and Miller Act claims against property owners to ensure payment for the services rendered.

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